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Sneak peek ( Still loving Life )

I always thought that high school was a place to have fun and let lose. But I was wrong high school is more then fun and games. Especially when you grew up in the big city and moved to what seemed like the country. Moving always sucks you have to leave the place you knew for years Having to go threw all those sad good byes and packing trucks always makes you feel down unless you like it and if you do your weird. Elisa Mats is my name lived in the big apple know moving i’m moving to the big city. Hey Elisa stop writing in that book of yours and come help us unpack ugh OK hold your horses. You see when you live in a big family you always have to deal with things. Sonia odette_yustman_latina_celebrity_0917_400_0 the oldest for example I have to sit and hear her talk and talk about nothing. Then theirs Ana and Ramon the twins twins2. They play almost every sport in the book we go to all their games and I mean every even the boring ping ball games. Oh theirs also my dogs Cherry, Apple, and Blossom. I got them from a county fair they where having adopt a dog center and if I could I would have gotten all of them. Then theirs my mom and dad but we hardly get to see them since they work so much..ELISA come on OK OK GOD. This house is huge how am i going to find my room 68238033e35d268d47ccb24f6c097e0c ” whoever finds the biggest room gets to keep it said the twins oh no they don’t i’m not getting the smallest room again. I droped every thing I had and darted up the stairs but i could not find the room so I gave up. I went back down stairs and grabbed all my stuff and just picked a random room and it turned out to I found the biggest room and I started doing my happy dance.I looked around and the room had every thing a walk in closet and a bathroom all to myself It took a while but I finally finished up my room After a while i went to go see whet the others where doing i went down stairs and saw them out side. The twins where playing basketball and Sonia was on her phone like always. I was about to enter back into the house until I saw my moms car pulling up. I ran up to the car and helped her with the groceries how was work today asked tiring i’m going up to bed make yourself something to eat then she went up to her room. I asked Ramon to set up the TV and DVD player while i made the sandwiches and popcorn. When i was done i took it out to the living room and we all watched Beauty and the Beast until we fell asleep.